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The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, better known as the Grotto, is an organization open to members of the Masonic Fraternity. Often referred to as the “playground of Freemasonry,” the Grotto provides a social element to its members, with sympathy and good fellowship being the key tenets of the organization.


The man who comes to the Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Blue Lodge,where he was taught to reverence the name of GOD, and to pray for guidance. He came on through the Degrees where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded, and the GROTTO was provided for him as a place where he might join with his Brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure, and amusement have sway.

The GROTTO was not and is not given to Masons as a place for exercising practices that would not be tolerated in the Masonic Bodies, or which are taboo among gentlemen. The GROTTO stands for all of Masonry and for wholesomeness in life. It stands for letting in the sunshine on discouragement, grief, and woe, it would substitute hope for despair at all times.

Without the formalities that attend the Degrees in Masonry, it brings members in close fraternal touch, and it breeds confidence between wearers of the FEZ. The Grotto has always been made up of men in every community, men whom you are glad to know, men who travel by preference on the sunny side of the street, and who play a fair game all the time. They hit the ball hard in business and pleasure, but they know when the brakes should be applied. They sow in kindness, to reap in FRIENDSHIP and GOOD FELLOWSHIP. The Grotto is the playground for Master Masons. When playtime is over there, we go back to the world as MASONS, charged to maintain a "Good Report" among our fellows.

Membership in the GROTTO gives us the right to wear its emblem and to participate in its good works as well as its pleasures. It give us an opportunity to know the finest fellows on earth, and we should guard well this privilege.

Chi-ill Grotto

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Chi-ill Grotto is Always Busy

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Want to join?

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A Master Masons True Playground

The members of Chi-ill Grotto want to build a foundation on brotherhood, family & service.  Only as a strong brotherhood can we grow our organization.

We want to involve our families as we grow our organization & our fraternal bound.

As we build our organization from the ground up we want to assist our community in every shape, form possible.  We believe that many problems in today's society can be easily ridden if everyone did their part in communities in need.

If you are a Master Mason or soon will be.  We encourage you to contact us & find out more about the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of The Enchanted Realm!

Come chill with Chi-ill!!


Fellowship & Fun is a key ingredient to our recipe of success!

We invite to join us at our next event & see for yourself...

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